Awesome Bubble commercial support :)

Info about email support

Ask for email support:


Bubble commercial support answer :slight_smile:


While I realize that the response falls short of what you would hope for, the primary support email is meant for issues within apps, not so much educational questions.

Bubble has a great ecosystem of educational content (the Bubble manuals and tutorials, user-created courses, content on the forum). In addition, there are many coaches and consultants out there.

When sending emails to support, here are some points I try to keep in mind. (Welcome others to chime in).

  • First, double check your debugger to ensure it is clear of potential issues.
  • In your request, provide meaningful context regarding the issue (short screen capture of the issue, screen shots, text explanation). Ie. I am trying to do X, but am encountering Y.
  • Make your request actionable. (Ie. if about a specific app, let Bubble know which one)

As a general rule, use the support email as a fallback option. First, search Bubble documentation and tutorials. Second, search the forum. And if a forum post doesn’t exist, create a new post with plenty of detail.


Don’t see anything wrong with the answer. They supported you by directing you to the appropiate Channel for that specific question.


I use few online services. And I periodically contact with different support teams. All of them are giving answers on such questions. They do not provide support how to make super-cool project using they platforms, but they always provide help with basic functions. Especially for users with commercial subscriptions.

Hi d.ibolit,

as a newcomer I too was first ignorant on how things were run on, but soon realized that the competences / responsibilities are very intelligently shared / distributed:

  1. There is the small bubble core team :sunny: treating primarely questions concerning the technological development, the consistency and reliability of the platform, and all account issues.

  2. Then there is the forum with lots of great guys :earth_americas: and lightyears of experience, where you find all your programming answers, typically within less than 24 hours.

  3. And then you can google :globe_with_meridians: to find old posts which will give you the answers to 50% of your questions immediately.

  4. Furthermore there is the documentation :ledger: and tons of training material and example apps where you can go and discover the coding directly yourself.

Consider the alternative: If the bubble team was inflated in order to treat all of the simple customer questions themselves, sooner or later you would end up with inappropriate priorization, and quickly have a steaming pile of intransparent software like what RoR has morphed into :fire:.

Bubble is superbly lean and performant, enjoy the party while it lasts :sunglasses: !

By the way: what programming language is bubble written in? RoR maybe? Would be a nice irony :grin: !


And by small … that is really small, not just small :slight_smile:


I don’t understand why you would reach out to support before doing the tutorials which provides the answers to the questions you were asking. If I was running a firm like this I would be frustrated to take the time to build tutorials and then have people ask me the questions which are covered in those tutorials.

That being said if you are stuck on a specific issue that is not clear in the tutorial, take a look at the forum. By this time you have a pretty comprehensive guide that has been put together here.


The forum is 10x better than asking a support team a general question and waiting for a reply. 90% of questions have already been addressed in full detail somewhere in the forum. New posts are about the 10% that haven’t been addressed.

Bubble Support = 10/10
Bubble Forum = 10/10


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