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Make thing to change will not work

Going crazy here.

I am trying to change a value in a specific entry in my database. What I try to do is: Make thing to change -> Do a search for etc.etc. but it always gives a red error.

And I am almost sure that this is the way to do it, see screenshot…

What going wrong here?!


You need to change a thing, not a list of things. Here it’s a list, but if you do :first item after, it’ll work.

Thanks for your respond emmanuel!

I tried your suggestion, still an error!

it’s a list of texts, it has to be a ‘thing’ (of a type defined in the data tab).

It can be confusing at first.

“Thing to change” isn’t the field you want changing, it is “record” (thing in bubblese) … once you have chosen the thing you want to change, you then decide what field you want changing.

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I am trying to understand now.

But I cannot figure out the correct line, thing to change. Can you help me with that?

To show you a bit more I added my database.

I would like to change the empty Set time of one entry at the time which is connected via the ‘boekingscode’ in the url parameter.

Got it! Thanks for the help!

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Got another question now, can I show the whole entry in text with just one Search for thing line?