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How should a user manage Email Lists?

My app has multiple users, and each user has their own contact list of emails (possible some emails overlap, but they are saved separately)

I am trying to think of how to have the user manage their email list,
Is it best to have them make an account with SendGrid/MailChimp and connect to it using OAuth?

Then just transnational emails from my app and SendrGrid account, and have the user manage their email list separately? (API or in Sendgrid itself?)

Also trying to wrap my head around how a user’s contacts would manage Unsubscribe options

Anyone know of a best practice for this type of scenario?

Some initial thoughts:

I think “Email Contact” should be its own data type and you can reference users via a User field. Users would also have a Contacts field that is a list. This would make managing individual contacts a lot easier with Bubble workflows to start - they could delete completely, create manually, or have those contacts create their Contact record… regardless, the User is the identifier to group them within your app’s database.

I’m not sure how extensive this list system needs to be - if your users are also creating email campaigns and whatnot, then I do think importing list members from Mailchimp, for example, will be the way to go to sync with campaigns. OAuth would be a really great way to link everything up. Mailchimp’s API allows you to change subscription status of list members, so I think with the OAuth integration, you can retrieve the current user’s list IDs to modify list member status. Or just have your users provide list IDs and use them in dynamic field areas.

What’s your overall goal and ideal scenario? Seems like there’s a lot of different ways to get stuff done, but what’s the flow supposed to look like on your User’s end? Rather, what would you like for it to be?

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

Thanks for the thoughts!

Use case is similar to Eventbrite’s set up.
So a User (event host) in the system creates an event and has people sign up for the event. The people who sign up for the event are not always Logged In users (can register without signing up)

There are transnational emails when someone signs up

The event host will also want to send out a ‘promotion’ email blast for events, usually sent right after they create an event.

I have these set up already, and the emails send from my app’s email (hooked up to my SendGrid) - was just thinking if people start to abuse this and spam people by sending promo emails every day, etc. Might look bad on my part, and not sure how anti-spam laws would view it as my system sending them so if I would be at fault (in Canada there are some anti spam email laws)

@gf_wolfer I was looking at the same thing looks like you need opt out in every email capability for Canada. Opt-in is implied in Canada by the biz relationship. But if they are in EU or US then those laws apply to you so something to think about.

I’m setting mine for opt-in with frequency settings.