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SendGrid Contacts - Connecting API

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to use SendGrid Contact to create a contact and add the contact to a SendGrid list.

The workflow creates a contact. However once run it’s showing the following error:

I’ve added “Bearer” infront of the API key and still no luck.

Any ideas? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Have you had any luck testing it out in Postman first?

I’ve had better luck trouble shooting in Postman, then exporting to bubble. I don’t have a SendGrid account (or key) so I can’t be of much service, but I feel your pain.


I see you are using a plugin. Did you contact plugin author?

Did you find a fix for this? I’ve had some users experiencing the same issue.

Also, I have a situation maybe you can help with. I have a checkbox when users create an account to subscribe to marketing emails. If a user checks the box, I wanted to added them to a list of subscribed users that I created.
However, if they don’t subscribe, I still want to create a new contact so that I can send general emails like updated terms and conditions or important updates.
Do you know how to do this?
thank you