SendGrid Contacts - Connecting API

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to use SendGrid Contact to create a contact and add the contact to a SendGrid list.

The workflow creates a contact. However once run it’s showing the following error:

I’ve added “Bearer” infront of the API key and still no luck.

Any ideas? Any suggestions would be appreciated!


Have you had any luck testing it out in Postman first?

I’ve had better luck trouble shooting in Postman, then exporting to bubble. I don’t have a SendGrid account (or key) so I can’t be of much service, but I feel your pain.

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I see you are using a plugin. Did you contact plugin author?

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Did you find a fix for this? I’ve had some users experiencing the same issue.

Also, I have a situation maybe you can help with. I have a checkbox when users create an account to subscribe to marketing emails. If a user checks the box, I wanted to added them to a list of subscribed users that I created.
However, if they don’t subscribe, I still want to create a new contact so that I can send general emails like updated terms and conditions or important updates.
Do you know how to do this?
thank you

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Hey, I’ve run into the same issue and was wondering if you figured a workaround to this?

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Sorry for the late reply.

Yes I have.

  1. You need to create a different contact list on Sendgrid for each set of user (example All Users, Subscribed Users, Non-Subscribed Users).
  2. When you create that new contact list, you will have an ID for the contact list. Should be in the ULR.
  3. In Bubble, you will have a checkbox that the user can click on to subscribe or not
  4. The plugin has an action to add a user to a list
  5. You will create a workflow to add the user to a contact list A, B or C depending if the user clicked the checkbox using the “only when” box in the workflow. You will then add the user’s email and name in the action box.

There might be an easier way or a more standard way of doing it but that’s how I did it.

Hope this helps!