How should I proceed here?

Hi there,
I am creating a delivery app, and I want to use a different API than googlemaps,
I am wondering about the search function…
The Geolocation API company does have the search by radius function,
how should I connect it? so it will know to search from the list of addresses from my users database?

If none of the current plugins work for you, then you will need to build your own to get all of the functionality that you need.

So far the only plugin I found was Mapbox,
are there any other plugins that you may know about that can do this?

I am not aware of any other plugins. If you don’t find the functionality you want, then you will have to build your own or hire someone to build one for you.

I got the Mapbox Plugin, at the moment I’m seeing a map element (that has 2 inputs in it)
would you know how to change it so it has only 1 input? and also would you know how can I set it up so it will be able to search through my users addresses database?
(thank you very much for your replies!)

I have never used the Mapbox plugin so I can not offer any advice. You can try searching the forum or contacting the developer for help.