How should I structure my first app?

I will start making my first app and I ask for help to set the structure.

I already followed the Bubble tutorials. Also I already use an application in MS Access for the management of a condominium, but without users.

I show below a scheme of the reality of the application.

I realize that I should create a Data type for each category in the schema:

  • Managers
  • Condos
  • Owners

But how should I fit the users into the Data type / structure?
Can you tell me what direction to go?
Are there any examples that I can analyze?
What should I take into account?

For example:
Should I start with a table for users? But I still do not have any! Should I create some fictitious / imaginary user first and start from there?

Thanks in advance for the directions.

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This is probably easiest to manage by creating two data types - condo & user.

owners – List of users
manager – User(or list of users if more than 1)

type – Text field (manager, owner)
manage – List of condos
own – List of condos

By creating a text field on the user, both managers and owners will still be able to create accounts and login. You’ll be able to direct them to separate pages (for dashboards or whatever) based on the user type.

I think Stripe’s API Documentation is pretty helpful in terms of understanding the simplest way to structure data. Although their data is related to payments, its worth a look. Hope that helps.

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After reading @csblack post, in some way, that inspired me to research more.

I think I should build by parts.

First, what is for the managers; the data, the pages, etc., as if they were for a type of user, a manager, that is, the manager of a condo. Ensure that only this type of user has access to them.

Then, when the system is working properly, I can create other pages with authorized access only to the owners!

How? I’ll still see it, but I’ve already found some ideas about it.

For example the App “Find a trainer” in App Gallery / Example apps, shows this. Very useful to see here the pages, date, workflow, and how they relate to the type of users - Trainer, Fitness seeker, admins.
It would have been easier if there was a lesson about this app or this type of app!

Before, I thought I should create the users and build on it somehow, but I was not understanding how.

I’ll work on it, and I’ll come back later to report what I got and close the post!