How Sum RG colum?

Greetings to all, I want to obtain the total of the values of a column of an RG.

In the database called “prices per night” I save
1- Individual-Days (list of days)
2- Price (Number)
That is, I add a price to the saved list of days.

In an RG called “Prices-X1” I do the search for type date in Prices per night crossed with a date selector and get the price list for each date.

How to obtain the sum of the elements of that column?

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Maybe you look for a plugin which runs a loop inside the repeating group picking those values.

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I use a plugin called BDK RepeatingGroup Tools:

You place an Extractor element in the repeating group, and a Data element outside the RG. You then specify which field the Extractor is looking at for each row in Column 1, and what data type to expect in the data element Column 1 (in this case, ‘number’). You can then set the Data element’s value in your subtotal element as the Data Source, and it would be something like ‘RG Data’s Column 1 List: Sum’

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I have purchased the Complementro

Do you have any tutorial on how to use it?

The developer has one here:

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