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How to access other user profiles

Hello, probably a beginner’s question:

  • I create an “administrator” page of type ‘user’
  • I ‘opened’ everything at the level of the ‘privacy’ of the users so as not to block anything in the test phase
  • I create a group type ‘user’ and inside a repeating group type ‘user’, - initial objective: to retrieve the user from the RG (whose email I indicated in an input outside the RG) by his email address necessarily unique… so I do in the RG a ‘do search for users’ with condition on the email=the input’s value… the RG only finds me and displays the user… ONLY when it’s me (who is logged in)… if I type another email than mine, it finds nothing…
    the objective is to make other users appear in my RG to possibly change their status (3 levels of status managed by an option set, administrator, editor, user).
  • Even if I do a “do search for”, without conditions, nothing appears except my ‘user’ profile
    There !
    There is a method to view and edit users other than myself, but I can’t figure out how
    if anyone can help me that would be great
    Have a good evening

Are you sure you’ve ‘opened everything’ in privacy rules for User data type?

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oups !!! for sure that was the problem !!! thanks a lot !!!