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How to access users email field in policy setting

I have an admin page where I’m trying to bind the fields to they can save without workflow.

To do this we need to set a policy, ok fine.

So the policy i want to set is “if user’s email = [email protected]” then he can bind fields

So anyway, when i try to access the fields for the user, email is not an option, even though this is a built in user field?

So how can i access the email field? and say if the user’s email = [email protected] ? so then only my admin can bind the user fields and update the data on the admin page?

For security reasons you can’t. Password and email fields are specially protected and with good reason. You need to go through workflow.

So if my user wants to change his accounts email or password
How do i allow him to do that if i cannot access email fields?

Use workflow “Update the user’s credentials”

That would require a button.

Can i use a workflow on field contents changed?
Or must i put it against a button?


Use the trigger “An input’s value is changed” on the workflow event.

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