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(WORKAROUND) Change user's email address

I am providing user management services in my app, where admins can go on and create and edit users.

I want to set a user’s email address - not the current user.

There seems to be no way to do this, or am I missing something?

The built-in “email” field of User doesn’t seem to be one of the options when you set a field in “Make changes to a thing”?

Choices in change another field

The data view of the user


You have to use the “Update the user’s credentials” action for this, since it requires a password (this is a sensitive operation security wise).


OK. Does make it impossible to fully manage user edits within the app, but I understand the sensitivity.

I know this is old, but there’s now a “Change the email for another user” action located at:
Workflow -> Click here to add an action… -> Account -> Change the email for another user


Yes, this is cool but sensitive functionality. It requires the user to enter the original password. To make it tighter you could create your own form of security questions. If you do, you would have to perform this gatekeeping before you call the Change Email workflow… of course.

Sometimes users create accounts with incorrect emails and are stuck. You would have to judge if you want to allow this functionality before they are able to email-confirm. As they won’t be able to perform the email confirmation on the wrong email.

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This is old, but now Bubble has the option of changing email in several ways. In Workflows, Update User Credentials, under the Account tab, allows one to update both password and email.

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Thank you!