How to accomplish these two things on Bubble?

Hi! Just recently I discovered bubble (or the no-code thing in general). And I am very happy, since I’m an idea guy I can make my ideas happen! Started an udemy course, and done the bubble tutorials. Perhaps I’m putting the cart before the horse, and should finish my courses first before trying to create something on my own. But I’m too excited.

So, I’m creating a match/session tracker for a specific sport, I need to accomplish these two things: (If someone could help me by poiting out the direction I need to go in order to make these happen I’m super grateful.)

  1. it needs to track how the player is feeling upon starting the match (so later I will have data to create insightful reports). The way I though about implementing this is, user can pick from a list of available tags. ie.: [confident] [happy] [sad] [relaxed] [fearful] and so on… So how can I make this happen?

  2. User cannot create a new match while there’s another one ‘running’. So After user finishes a match he needs to click on “stop current match”. So when creating this new thing, I though about adding a field named “open” and default it to ‘yes’. So, then I create a conditional that checks the ‘open’ field of last item of Match db. If open, I hide the “new match” button and show the “end match” button. How does it sound?

2.1) Related to the above, how can I display a counter for the time elapsed so far after a match has started?


You can accomplish the three things you asked about. Providing the directions for how to accomplish that…

Three. Countdown timer

Two. That idea is one way to do it. Could also set conditional that changes the text and color of a button and have one button that does two different jobs based on the conditionals.

One. Tags work best in form of option sets. Use create new attribute to get fancy and add a emoji icon for them to pick from. Create repeating group to display choices. Make workflow to save the choice when choice is clicked.

Moving forward, the forum is full of threads that will answer most of your questions. Best part about reading the forum for days is that you stumble upon ideas of how to do things you didn’t know you needed to know. Searching and reading the forum is probably the best learning tool.

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I had to change my numbers to words because bubble automatically changed the numbers from 3, 2, 1 to 3, 4 , 5

Lets try again

  1. Yes
  2. Why is it getting changed?
  3. Why would you change. It still shows 1 in my editor but the preview shows 5???

Thank you very much @boston85719! Bubble community seems great!

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