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How to add a thing to list unlimited times?

Hi Bubblers,

How can we add a thing to a list multiple times?

Attempting to add an existing thing to another list multiple times. When using the action > Make changes to a thing > choose the list field > add, it will only allow adding to the list once.


If I understand you correctly, I believe you would need to do this with a scheduled backend workflow, which requires a paid subscription.

Thanks for the idea, @Steve_S . Couldn’t get that to add the same thing a second time.

Can you describe the front-end use case? What type of thing are you talking about?

Sure. Let’s say if a user wanted to make a list of 5 things to do as a subset from an existing bigger list of 20 things - and one of the chosen things they will want to do multiple times (coffee break).

The coffee break would be in the existing list, and the user wants to add it 3 times to the subset list.

I suppose instead of it being a list, the db could be designed as a single thing with a quantity field. However, this app uses the draggable elements plugin to reorder a list of things, which would break its’ functionality.

You can’t add a database item to a list multiple times…

Instead think about creating a new datatype, something like ‘User_Acton’ which would link a user to an action…

That way you can create a unique list for each user of relevant actions related to them.

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