Your Ultimate Calendar plugin

The JS Calendar plugin for is a versatile and user-friendly tool that empowers Bubble app creators to seamlessly integrate dynamic and interactive calendars into their web applications. This plugin leverages JavaScript to provide a feature-rich calendar solution that enhances the user experience and expands the functionality of Bubble apps.

How to use URL

Is that using color-calendar?

We have a range of calendar to customize.
You can look at the demo link

That didn’t answer the question. I’ll be more clear. Was wondering if you’ve implemented an instance of color calendar

Either way, looks semi useable but not ultimate. I’d suggest a alternative title but what do I know :man_shrugging: . They don’t show specific event on the calendar but good for mini calendars that lead to a popup to show events. Nice for compact designs.


We are using jscalendar

ahh! so this is primarily a super prettty… date picker. not used to show events super efficiently

would recommend you modify this snippet of your code when adding events

if (myData[i].get(properties.eventdate)){
//convert to datestring and push into array

when i add an event via the button on your demo page, i get an error

Thanks for the feedback, we will check and revert. Cheer

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The error is cause by an empty date field in the error database, it has been fixed