How To Add CheckBox Error Message When Unchecked

I want to add an error message for the sign up page for the checkbox.
I want the message to pop up when the check box is NOT checked to accept the terms and conditions.

How do i do this any help will be very much appreciated.

Hi there,

So there’s a couple of ways I would consider approaching this, but as you’ll find out with Bubble, there’s many ways to accomplish the same thing!

For for this use-case, I imagine you have a ‘Submit’ button, and that’s at which point you would need to see if the checkbox has been checked. I would do 2 things to work together:

  1. Put a condition on the Submit button. When Checkbox isn’t checked: Background Color (greyed out color) This will give a visual indication that this button isn’t ready to submit.

  2. Create a GroupFocus or a Popup with the Error message (these will be hidden by default)

  3. Create 2 separate workflows on the Submit button:
    A. Workflow for When Submit Button is Clicked: only when Checkbox isn’t checked. And then add a step to ‘Show an element’ and choose your GroupFocus or Popup. Now when the submit button is clicked but the checkbox isn’t checked, the error message will appear.
    B. Workflow for When Submit Button is Clicked: only when Checkbox IS checked. Now add your workflow steps to complete / save the signup process.

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very helpful it worked thanks

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