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How to add delay on button?

I want to add a delay on buttons.

So for example when some one clicks the button, it will be disabled and be grayed out for 5 secs before it can be clicked again.

Any advice

Use an ‘Add a pause before next action’ step in your workflow…

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  1. Create your own button (in this case I’m using group as a button).

  2. Add a new custom state on it, let’s called it “loading” with yes/no data type.


  1. Set a conditional state for this button when this button loading is "yes"
  2. Add a property to change when the condition is true this element isn't clickable is yes


  1. Create workflow.


  1. On step 1, set your button’s loading state to yes.

  1. On step 2, add 5 sec pause.

  1. On step 3, set your button’s loading state to no.

works well! Thank you!

OR simply go to Workflow > Navigation > Add Pause Before Next Action

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