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Add "wait x seconds until..." option workflows, actions, and conditions

Quite often I run into situations where I want one workflow, action, or condition to happen a few seconds after another one. Today, this requires a fair amount of work to set-up since it requires numerous steps and can get quite complicated when I have a series of things happening one after another. Furthermore, new Bubble user’s would likely have even more trouble as it may be beyond their capabilities at first.

As such, I’d recommend adding on option to delay workflows, actions, and conditions x number of seconds after the conditions are met for them to be run. This would make this type of logic much simpler to create and maintain.

Curious if anyone else has this challenge too?


Hi @sridharan.s,

I would love to have that feature added as well. I just finished setting up some delayed workflows using (custom events/schedule custom event) and it seems a little tedious then it should be. Would be great to add a simple “add delay” option directly into any workflow that is triggered.

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Could you share your uses case please ? just curiosity

Here’s a few use cases:

  • Page loading + progress bar - show a full page group with progress bar. Keep it here for 3 seconds then hide it.
  • Onboarding walk-through - show feature. 1 second later show some text next to it explain it. 2 seconds later use transition to slide the image and text out. 1 second later, show another feature.
  • Slick looking transitions - User clicks “close” for a group then Slide subset 1 off the page, 1/2 second later Slide subset 2 off the page, 1/2 second later Slide subset 3 of the group off the page, etc.
  • Show error message (but using transitions that slide DownIn and UpOut). When x happens slide error message in then wait 4 seconds before transitioning out (very similar to the alert functionality, but I prefer to use the transitions as an added degree of professionalism).
  • Show header text on load then 3 seconds later show first bullet then 2 seconds later show second bullet (increases likelihood people read the text).

good idea

Interesting, you’re using a lot of animations. Thks for sharing

Bump - this one would open up soooo many possibilities.

Also at first glance it seems like quick win for Bubble since intervals/delays are already part of a ‘Do every x seconds’ at the higher level. Putting this down at the lower levels would enable so many things and end many convoluted hacks.


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What we could do is a pause action that takes a number of ms. That would only work on the client, so to be used in animation, etc.

How about this?


So it will not work with API Workflow, right?

Definitely not, it’s only for visual stuff on the client.

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For me, the challenge with client only is that today I have to use workflows to trigger transition effects such as SlideOut and SlideIn. So, client only is probably useful 20% of the time or something like that.

That being said, if it were added then this type of function becomes easier to use and I might start to use it more. So, definitely still some value even if it’s client only.

Just my 2 cents.

That would be fantastic.

I would do so much with this.

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I would just need it for client side animation.

What triggers, other than time, would make sense?

We added this, see the action ‘Add a pause before next action’. It only has effect on the client, not on the server (though users shouldn’t have to worry about the distinction).




Great implementation. Solves many different use cases and am already finding new ways to use it. Makes it much easier to create a polished user experience that leverages time / delays effectively. Thanks!


Thank you!

Old thread but anyway. The problem with this implementation is that it doesn’t allow the same workflow to be started once the pause is in effect.

Use case: I have a “delete” button for certain things. And instead of doing dialogs for them, the first click on the button paints it red, the second one deletes the thing. There is a delay of 3 seconds before this button turns back to its normal (non-red) mode.

I ended up using the “schedule a custom event” action (the event being “un-redding” the button), but it’s (a) more cumbersome and (b) won’t work with delete buttons located inside repeating groups.

It would be great if server side similar need is also well considered!

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