Is there way to delay an action in a workflow?

Scenario- Click on a product listing( Market place)

Action 1: Go to product page
Action 2: Show a five second explainer video
Action 3: Load product details

I want action 3 to hold for 5 seconds and load or happen after action 2 is completed.


Yes, there is a pause action where you input an amount of time to pause for.

Note: “pause” isn’t the way to do this as others might suggest. (And, of course, they have.) And, I wanted to write a long message about how this is a terrible user experience, but I’m just going to leave it at that.

If you want to pop a modal the first time someone encounters a certain feature, just do that (via action “Show Popup”). But just know that most of them, being smarty-pants, will dismiss it. That’s all you can do, really.

But don’t delay execution of your app.


Just have the user click a “Finished”, “Next” or other button that then executes the show data workflow.

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Thanks you

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