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How to add duplicate items to a list of texts?

So I have a DB entry which contains flight routing. On the form when the booking is created, the user selects one-way, return, or multi-leg booking.

Below this is the boxes to select the locations for each leg.

When updating the Booking Routing field, which is set to be a List of Texts, when I select ADD, it won’t add the text if it already exists in the list.

for example, if the user selects Return, I want the Routing field to contain 4 items. The origin, the destination, then the destination then the origin again, because it is a return flight.

But, if I just try to add the destination and origin to the list again, it doesn’t add them, presumably because they’re already there.

How do I get around this? Should I use “set” list instead? I was messing around with that but I can’t figure out how to add each dropdown item. The statement just turns red all the time…


Have you considered creating an object (data type) for this?

Objects are unique :grinning:

This is a MAJOR problem for me and my app. I cant add duplicate items to the list either. Have not found a solution and my app has since stalled. I had to cancel my subscription because without this my app is pointless. I wish Bubble could make this work. or someone can find a reasonable work around.