How to Add it on Google Playstore and Apple Store


is there a tutorial on how to add the bubble app to google playstore and apple store?

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up on this one

@jigsgfx.gj Hi,

There is a difference between a web application and a mobile application.
It is a common mistake to think they are the same but although they are read on the same supports (tablets and smartphones), mobile applications (mobile applications) and mobile websites (also called Web App) are very different. A mobile application is a software that will be downloaded to a mobile device, while a mobile website is an Internet site Adapter to formats of smartphones and tablets.

What you are doing with bubble is a web application. so you can’t download it trough a mobile store without paying a service fee.

If you want to have a direct icon to connect to your app it is still possible:

With Iphone :
Step 1. Using Safari go on
Step 2. Click on the share button in the bottom of your screen

Step 3. select Add to home screen
Step 4. Choose how you want to call your app

Step 5. click on Add

Step 6. Enjoy !

With Android :
Same 6 Steps as for iphone except that you can use any browser.
And that the button of step 2 are in top right corner.

To customize the logo of your “app”
Go in the settings of your app -> SEO/metatags
and copy past the following, replacing with the correct adress of your image.

Hope this can help ! Have a good day !

thank you for your answer, i know that web app is different from mobile app but i saw once here in forum that there’s one member that uploaded his bubble app to google play… im talking about this Ads into a bubble application

i did a research and came across this site and found out that i can export my bubble web app as .apk all i need is to set a web frame or viewer and put my bubble web app url.

head over to @natedogg is the guy to talk to. He has a nice tutorial there. I’m going through it now. You can also try goNative but it’s costly



nice thanks for this…

Hi, can you screen shot please? How does one sets a web frame or viewer?