How to add left margin to buttons?

I’m left aligning the text within a button and want it to be a few spaces over from the left edge. Is there a way to add space to left of dynamic text within a button or a way to add a margin?

Here’s what my buttons like like right now:

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Use the H padding in your Styles settings


These are the only options I see for styling a button. Don’t see anything with padding. Am I missing something?

If you convert those buttons to text elements the padding options are there (and the text will function the same way buttons do in regards to workflows :slight_smile: )


Ahh. Makes sense. Thanks!

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It works! but the hand cursor for button is gone now. Is there way to bring that back? Because it’s still a button not a text…

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If you add a workflow “When [your text element] is clicked”, then the hand cursor displays automatically on hover.