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Text indent for buttons

Would it be possible to add a text indent parameter for buttons? Please see below the screenshot of menu buttons. The buttons #2,3 and 5 should be made in 2 lines, however I can’t achieve that right now other than by reducing the width of the button or by increasing the font of the text inside of the button, both of which are not acceptable. Adding an indent from left (and maybe from right for convenience could solve this issue)


I guess we could add this, but why don’t you replace the element by a text element (see the button at the bottom of the property editor). Then you have all flexibility in terms of design, line height, etc.

in that case it looses all the behavior of a button like rollover effect etc.

No, not necessarily. Just add some conditions to the text and you’ll have exactly the same behavior

Indeed, didn’t come to my mind. I converted the buttons to link and it works even better now as it’s not necessary to set up workflows for navigation. Thanks!

Great. Generally speaking, it’s always better to use a link instead of a button if it’s for pure navigation, so we’re happy :slight_smile: