How to add maximum file size in Multifile uploader


I use Bubble’s own Multifile uploader. How can I allow a maximum file size? I would like to limit the file size to 1mb per picture.

Also, is it possible to only allow certain file formats like jpeg and png?

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Hi there,


You can always state with text element, "to make sure to upload until that file size and to be a certain format, and additionally add this condition as well?


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Thanks for your reply! Thank you for for the tip for the file extensions.

However, about the max file size, I think you use the normal file uploader. I use the Multifile uploader plugin by Bubble. I don’t see this option here.

Do you know how to solve it in this plugin?

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Oh okay, is there are condition you work with the total upload size?

It also seems improbable to have this option, due to multifile uploading, although it might be simple, as we can look size per file.