Multifile uploader file size limit

We are trying to upload files size of greater than 2MB but it is not getting uploaded.

We are using DropZone plugin for multi file upload. Can you please update on the maximum size allowed for DropZone plugin.

Hi @sumitchhazed

Yep this appears to be a bug @Bubble

Sorry, we have encountered an unexpected error. Please report error code 1568642536675x226967478124618900 to the Bubble team
Logged from debugger

Results in the file not being uploaded when over 2mb or hanging and being uploaded minutes later - odd. Tried with a few file formats e.g. .mp3, .jpg, .exe


Thanks for reporting! The issue has been confirmed; our engineering team is investigating now and we will let you know once a fix is in place.

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@eve When can we expect the issue to get resolved, since we are using this file uploader at a lot of places in our application and are not able to upload the files. It’s impacting our business a lot.

I’m curious about this too the issue has been affecting paying users of our photo based app for the past 5 days.

@sumitchhazed the temp workaround we have implemented is to put a notice beside the drop file area which says that files must be less than 2mb to be uploaded.’ and then also implemented live chat on that page to help non-technical users resize/optimize their images for them.

@eve Any update on the resolution of the above issue?

Our engineering team is currently working on a fix; since this is affecting apps across the platform, this is definitely high priority and should ideally be resolved within the next several days.

Just tested this morning and it’s looking like things are back to normal - at least for our use case, and if I’m not mistaken file uploads via the multi uploader may even be a bit faster. Thanks Bubble team!

Thanks for posting: our team has pushed a fix, so everyone should be back up and running, but please contact us at if you see any further issues!

@eve question for you. What is the per file size limit restriction on uploading files via multi file uploader?

I ask as I want to provide users an opportunity to upload a few images (3-4) to fill out an image gallery for their product pages, and I’m unsure whether to just do 4 separate image uploaders, or allow them to use the multi uploader, as I’m worried about them uploading large files that take up too much space.

Currently I have it set where users can select 1 primary image via image uploader, and then they can add additional images via the multi-file, but I might change this if the file sizes they can upload are too large. Can you shed light on this…?

Does anyone know what the size limit is for the Multi-File Uploader Dropzone? I couldn’t upload a file greater than 50 MB as of September 23, 2020. How do you overcome this?



I’m sure this didn’t used to be an issue, but appears to be the case as of a few days ago. Feels like a new fault.

I am also experiencing issues uploading files larger than 50mb. Multiple files that are smaller than 50mb are fine, but a single .zip file that’s more won’t upload. Please advise bubble!

That’s because the file size limit is 50MB :frowning:

I went with @ZeroqodeTeam multi file uploader plugin because I needed a bigger file limit

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Did that require you to use your own S3 storage? Is there any knock on impact of doing that, eg. Imgix processing?

No I’m just using the bubble storage. Uploads to file manager, then a workflow to save to the appropriate data type.

It’s a much nicer UX and also the workflows are easy…minimal cost for a much better user and developer (me!) experience


How can I retrive the file size from this uploader. I am curious to know that "if file is above 50MB "and element is giving error then It must have calculated it on the go. I want to get file size from this calculation.
How to retrive exact file size calculated by this element ??

Just adding some clarifying information as there are a few posts in the forum about max file size & uploads that made me dig deeper :slight_smile:

Long ago, there were lower limits for max file size uploads.

Today’s limit is 5G per file using pure Bubble elements and storage.

There are Plan storage limits which you can see here (eg 10G for a personal plan)