Detect company name by parsing email address

I am using Producthunt clone from Zeroqode. I need to write a logic where I could parse registered email of a user and figure the company they work for and and show posts relevant to that company. For eg: if the email of a user has, then show posts related to Microsoft. If not, then do not show posts related to Microsoft.

Is there any plugin which helps me achieve this? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated (I am new to bubble).

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Hey @bharath.keshav,

You don’t necessarily need a plug, and can achieve this using the built in functions. I mocked up a test scenario:

After the email field you can have a text field, or input (which can be hidden) and saves back to your User database. Below is how to extract the domain without the ending ‘.com’.



Final Result:


Then on your lists, or however your displaying data to your users can be filtered by their ‘extracted domain’.


Sorry for the delay in my reply. My usecase has changed slightly but I will be getting into this very soon. Thanks for writing this reply for me @lantzgould