Limiting Signup by Email Domain

Hi there, I’m looking to limit users who can join a team/workspace by only allowing certain email domains. But I’m having trouble with the conditional/database logic.

Here’s how I think it should work:

  • The team admin adds an approved domain to their team (list of texts: e.g. “companywebsite[DOT]com”).
  • On the Team Invitation page, a conditional workflow will only register the user if their email contains the approved domain (e.g. michael.scott@companywebsite[DOT]com. If not, they get an error message.

I’m having trouble working out how to achieve this with conditions. What’s the best way of matching specific characters in an input (user email domain) with a list of texts (approved domains)?

Or is there a much simpler way of doing this that I’m missing? Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Check this, for example