How to add pin number functionality within an app


I am trying to add a User pin number requirement within my app. The desired workflow is after a User logs in with their email and password, they will get access to a limited number of pages. The other pages would require the User to type in a four digit pin number to gain access to them. For example, when the User needs to make a change to their account information they will click on the appropriate link. When the link is clicked a pop-up will appear requesting their pin. If the pin matches what’s on file the popup will hide, and the User now has access to the account information change form. If the pin number does not match, the popup will remain in place. The User will then have to click the exit button to be directed to the Home page.

The User’s pin number is selected and saved to the DB at the time of enrollment. What do I need to do in order for Bubble to compare the entered pin# to the pin# saved in the database. Then hide/show popup depending whether the pins match or not. I’ve tried a couple of ways, but have had no success. Thx

How did you sort this out?

Me too want to know how did you sort this out? thanks