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How to add related records

Im sure this is easy but i can not find how to do this.

I create an Activity and i want to assign a user, link deal and link a client. These are al related tables.

if i go tot the AppData and add/edit a record in the activities table i can start typing in these fields and it looks up the records in the related table of which i can select for this new Activity record.

What input type would i need to add to achieve this please?

I’d probably use a searchbox instead of an input - that way you can link it directly to the datatype in question.

Alternatively, you can just use an input, as text - then you’ll need to search the database to match that text to a particular field on the associated datatype, and select the first item from the returned list. Bear in mind any typos, or mis-spellings by the user will cause no match to be found so will result in no associated datatype being set - which is another reason why a search box might be a better option.

Thank you @adamhholmes :+1:

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