Linking user inputted data

Hi all

I am looking to build a website where people input the following details (as MVP):

  • Property selling
  • Property buying

What I am trying to configure is the following:
Person 1: Inputs - Property Selling: 1 House, The Street.
Property Buying: 2 The Barn, The Road
Person 2 inputs - Property selling: 45 Green House, The Close
Property buying: 1 House, The Street

As you see, Person 2 is buying Person 1’s house and I want the connection to be made. These two people will be linked in a property chain. The idea is that the full chain is understood from bottom to top (with options for users to state that they aren’t buying or selling a house).
So my first problem is working out how to link the data that was inputted - I need to work out how to search that the address has already been inputted into the site before.
My second problem is that I want to then link those two people together (and more when the chain expands) to then be able to provide updates to each other on the progress of their house sale/ purchase etc.

If anyone can help with this, it would really help me get started. This is the core of what I am trying to build but I am struggling to get this moving forward.

automatically Bubble records who created the data and that is a field called ‘creator’ that is a default data field on all data types and it is of type user

Do a search for the type of data that the address is a field of…if the count is greater than or equal to 1 then it would return a value of ‘yes’ to indicate it has been entered before.

You can put a data field onto the property selling and have it be of type User and make it the user that is buying the property