Creating related records

Dear Bubblers,

I would like to create a new Thing that’s related to multiple others. For example, in my Real Estate use case, I’d like to create a favourite ‘Match’ which has fields for the ‘Contact’, based on their ‘Request’ and matched ‘Listing’.

So far, I have a Pop-up on the Request page that pulls through the requirements i.e. 3 bedrooms, Max. price £1000, and in the same pop up a RG with all Listings that match. I have also managed to create selected Listings in a custom state. But I’m stuck on the workflow of the ‘Create Match’ button in which I want to pull through all three of the above Things.

Could someone start by suggesting a high level approach to ‘Matching’ product inventory to client requirements? I fear I may be over complicating. The ultimate goal is to send an email to the client with their matched listings.

Many thanks in advance.

How about having a Matched listings field on the user, and just add the listing to that when the click the button? you can also hold the likes on the listing also if this is relevant to have a liken x many times.

Thanks guys.

The reason I have this extra datatype ‘Requests’ is twofold. i) a Contact/User will have multiple requests overtime (we have alot of repeat custom) and ii) It will be necessary to manually fiddle with their request parameters, producing different results in the displayed Listing RG, which can then be handpicked as matches.

But admittadly I am trying to recreate in Bubble what I had in a Salesforce app - which is not a wise approach :slight_smile:

I am still getting to grips with Groups and how they affect the workflow.

I will have a think about both of your suggestions and see if I can make that work.

But that said, I’d still like to understand how I can create new records, automatically pulling in the related Datatypes. So any given record will have a 360o view and options to click through to all related Things. Could you point me to the best learning material/help for this? (I have spent many, many hours on YouTube so far).

From what I understand of your issue, this is how I would solve this:

Create data types for each requirements, eg number of bedrooms/bathrooms etc. Populate this data yourself. You can then display this data in dropdowns/searchboxes on the request page alongside an input for selecting minimum and max. price.

You’re going to want a button on the request form, which when clicked, starts a workflow with the step called ‘display list in repeating group’. On that step you can set the constraints the user asked for, and the RG will display info that matches.

Sending this info as an email is another step, and one that isn’t easily achieved with Bubble in my opinion as it’s difficult to send dynamic data in an email if you do not know exactly how much data you will be sending (will it be 2 listings or 5 etc). One option could be to send the top three matches to a client in an email, and have them log into their account to view the rest.

To achieve this on an email you will need to create a template with sendgrid, and use variables, (search {VAR} or ‘sendgrid variables’ on the bubble forum) . You will be able to create a workflow with a ‘send email’ step, and then can set variable data to send with it. You may need one of the free bubble sendgrid plugins for this.

Hopefully that helps!

Very good, thx Charlie.