How to add script before the header in bubble

“Add the referral tracking script just before the tag on your marketing website.”

Where would this go? Or what do I need to add to the script that was created for me to make this work in bubble

Any help appreciated thanks!

$("button:contains('CREATE ACCOUNT')").on("click", function(event) {
    if ($FPROM) {    
 email: $('input[placeholder="EMAIL"]').val(),
            first_name: $('input[placeholder="FIRST NAME"]').val(),
            last_name: $('input[placeholder="LAST NAME"]').val(),
            function() {
                console.log('signup sent');

@mishav I know you’re more knowledgeable in syntax with these things. Been trying to help Neil here but I’m not so savvy with JS.

If he were to use a Bubble button to run this script (with your Toolbox plugin > Run script action), the code doesn’t really need a reference to the button right?

This script is just supposed to send the dynamic values to the tracking service (there are other snippets of code elsewhere in the headers and such, but this is the only one he needs to modify). How can he modify this to insert dynamic values for email, first, last name. I can see placeholder values, so my guess is inside the quotes where it says those things in all caps.

Hey @anon29779373 did you ever figure this out?

I just used leaddyno insted of the first promoter

Link here - (affiliate site) affiliate link

just added this and it works great, thanks so much!

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