How To Fire This Javascript Off From The Bubble Backend?

Trying to trigger and fire a tracking code off on a bubble action using the toolbox or other plugin.

How can i format it so that it will pass dynamic variables?

You can just use Bubble’s dynamic data to fill parameters for the javascript function call. Can you attach a screenshot of the code and what you are trying to accomplish?

That would be excellent.

I’m just trying to figure out how this is done using Bubble’s back end as I do not have an “order confirmation page” to place this tracking code on.


Can you send a link to this API that you are trying to post the referral request to?

There is a way to accomplish this using Bubble backend and not HTML but not the way that code block is setup. Its also confusing trying to read minified javascript, can you paste the code as text instead of a screenshot?

That way we are able to un-minify it and make it readable.

Thanks. This isn’t an API that I’m trying to connect to but rather a tracking code that renders on the page/browser. It’s supposed to be on the front end but i need it to appear/fire on-action so that each page load isn’t being tracked as a conversion.

How can I upload this to the forum? Every time i upload it to the forum it cuts out the code/JS.


To answer your question though, you could get the div (top half) of the code, and stick it in a html element, make sure its not got the iframe box ticked though, then you can use the PlugBubble plugin to drop the script under the div into a run code block action - just make sure you remove your <script></script> tags when using the code block…

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That would work but doesn’t because i need to format a string of multiple values into a MD5 hash but can’t format it because some of the information is static data and doesn’t use the ‘formatted as…’ feature.

There is another way to integrate this tracking code via the API, however, I’m not sure if I can authenticate in the fashion they require.

Will bubble api connector be able to authenticate in this fashion?

Basically the divs data-attributes and what would need to be joined and the MD5 your already making is what they want you to use in the string param in the api call. Short answer is yes its just a string with a hash being sent as a param, you may find the connector the better way to go although… what is an example of something static that cant be formated?

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