How to add the ability to comment on a specific page

Hi all. Please help. How to add comments to the page? I have a product page, the user gets there from the general list of products on the main page. I created a comment data type in the database and associated it with a specific product. In the database with comments, I see that the comment is written to ID of the specific task. But for some reason, all the comments left are displayed under all products. Tell me how to make comments for a certain product displayed where they should. Thank you

Hi @bluesun440 :wave:
In your product page where you are displaying comments

Example Do something like this
Screenshot 2022-09-12 at 17.11.09

Good afternoon. The result is the same. The comment is written to the database, but this time it is not even displayed in the repeating group ((

@bluesun440 :wave:
Well i guess your Product page type of content is not “tasks” (The page where you are displaying comments)
You can change it to Task
Screenshot 2022-09-12 at 17.29.24

no, everything is correct here. This setting is correctly

@bluesun440 :wave:
You can check privacy rules once

Also you can try something like this once (For example)

Thank you so much!

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