Need help with Comments System

I need to make comments specific to each page…

Here’s my set up:
User clicks on plus Icon which opens up a Pop Up to add comments, the problem is comments show up on all pages. Workflow for this creates a Thing Comments with Fields for:

Comment Name
Comment Details
Comment Avatar
Place - Place

In my database, I have a thing Place which has a List of Things Comments

Repeating Group on Place Page is set to Comments to Do a Search for Comments - Created by = Current User

The goal is to make comments specific to each page ( Place )

I would appreciate any help… Here’s a link

I would change the data structure to have each of your restaurants have a field comments (list of comments).

Then on each individual page for the restaurants, have the repeating group for this restaurants list of comments

Hi @Nocodify, that would work but if a restaurant creates multiple locations, comments needs to be specific to each location as well. There’s only one page ( Place ) for all restaurants created. This is where I am struggling with this…

You can add a location field as well, for when each comment is created.

Then the repeating group would be list of comments, and add the location constraint.

Does that make sense?

I may have tried that earlier, let me try again see if that works…

Boss, can I please buy you a drink? Not sure how I missed this… Thanks a million it worked…


haha no problem! Glad it works

Thanks a million once again… I’ll post a short tutorial for anyone else trying to achieve the same thing…


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