Data projection

Hey guys, I’m struggling for the data to show the comments for the specific product that is currently on that page. With this current setup I have, it shows the same comments for every product instead of the specific comments that were created for that specific product. Please let me know if you can help. This is a Product hunt type of app.

You need to determine a project at the page level (or using URL param). And then use that project as a reference in your RG’s data source

Apologies there for not showing my whole page but I have a URL param that sends the products name and description etc. However the comments are created on the page where you can view the product specifically. Here’s a better screenshot. Please let me know how i can go about this.

What is your data source expression for the RG?

Search for product views. Which is where I’m storing all comments and votes. The page itself is of product post as type of content because that’s where I store the product names, descriptions and so forth.