How to align a country flag to country name in a repeating group

Hello Bubblers,
Does anyone know how to align a country’s flag to a country’s name in a repeating group? I am developing a platform for universities in different countries and would like the universities displayed in the repeating group to also display name of country where they are located as well as flag. See screenshot attached/

Hi there,

You can use option sets with a picture and country and then make a filed in database if you need a relationship, then picture and country will be populated in RG.

Thank you very much for the quick response Oleksiy. I have created attributes and options for country as shown and have also created a field in the database for flag and country. I am still not sure how to relate the 2 in the database so that when a country is listed on the RG, the corresponding flag displays. I am pretty new here and any further guidance will be appreciated.


Sorry for a late reply.

In the university Thing create a new type as a Country option with a name you like. Then When you create a new university use a county option as a data source for your dropdown. This will like an option to the university and can be populated later on in the RG view.

Let me know if you need more help or share a link so I can help you.