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Repeating Group Dropdown filter

I am trying to get a dropdown filter working based on country of the photo taken. I have chosen dynamic choices for the dropdown extracting the country for each post photo, and it is showing on the viewing page. The issue I am having is that the repeating group which includes the post photos, is not filtering the posts based on the country chosen in the dropdown.

Would appreciate any sort of help to figure this last part out.

Add a “Contry” constraint in the Search For that you are using to display the photos of your repeating group.

Country = Dropdown's value

Thanks for the suggestion, however there are still issues. It is location based, so when trying to add a constraint country doesn’t appear. Only ‘location’ appears but then requires many different variables?

Any other ways potentially?

I do think you need more understanding how filter and repeating group works in general. Maybe this video helps you with this.

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On the repeating group do a search for photos, no constraints need to be added there. Then at the end of the search click More and select filter. Then there in the constraint select Advanced. Then you can say This photos location extract country is Dropdowns value.

Thanks @williamtisdale really appreciated, that worked.

However there is an issue as the repeating group doesn’t show anything unless a choice is picked from the dropdown. I require everything to show by default, then filter when a choice is chosen from the dropdown. Any suggestions?

Make the default Data Source ‘Do a search for’ without the filter. Then on the Conditionals put When ‘Dropdown’s value is not empty’ and edit the Data Source to apply the filter there.

Absolute legend! Thanks @williamtisdale

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