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[SOLVED] Constraint Data


My list is Country website name

But there are variable in different country.

In order to display only specific country’s website name.

Without any search tab but only in repeating group.

What else I can do? any constrain… ?

If you have any thought and in mind.

Let me know.

Hello :slight_smile: If you have a repeating group you can set the Type of Content to be Country. Then you can create a text element within the first cell of the repeating group with the dynamic expression “Current cell’s Country’s Website Name” (for example).

I think I need a method in “constraint”

Data Field:

Country and top sites

there are only two filed however, I want to modify by country again.

The main database has all 17 countries

Then I tried with your method.

Set a new page, Create a repeating group

But I modify an original data to “Country”

Then follow up your method… doesn’t seem to really create by country though…


I’m still looking forward to hear additional method~~

No worries :slight_smile: Can you share a link to your app? Then we can see how to do this with your data structure.

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Ok, in 1 min

Within a repeating group

-> site symbol
->content url

setting For repeating group:

type of content :top site

repeating group segments
image and web address url
type of content :top site
data source : search for top site -> site symbol (image)

That’s all I did…
but there are some bugs going due to bubble’s server slow…

Any body knows about “Constraint” if only one filed of data set gets selected…

Is your repeating group displaying any countries? For some reason it’s showing up empty in preview on mine:

Do you see any data in bubble?

Why only I can not see anything I upload in database?

I have often times like this. nO result updates in bubble database.

So, I repeat uploading uploding many time. and next day, I found a bunch of data… too slow…

do you have this type of thing to happen ?

I wish I could delete the blank ones… but the bubble database still keeps up “Bug.” Can not show any database.

Only way to check my database in “Preview…”

jUst annoying… I wish the bubble is compatible to Safari…

I will open with chrome. Let see…

but Do you figure out to pick up only Netherland data set ??

I deleted the blank entries and I think it’s working as it should :slight_smile: I added the constraint in your repeating group so that it only displays the Netherlands:

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Bubble is compatible to “Chrome”

only I can see my database thru chrome. I was able to delete “duplicated data.”

Here is the movie,



only two site’s symbols supposed to show…

Sovled !!!1

Thanks ! I appreciate working with me.~

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Yes on the page top-site is the repeating group with the constraint.

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My pleasure! I added an ‘s’ to Netherland in your constraint on the index. (It has to match exactly.) :slight_smile:

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Dose Bubble respond to other devices “resolution”

I wish i could fix it automatically goes to the center…

Where is the section I can fix the page resized depend on device…

Yes you can adjust those responsive settings so that elements are centered depending upon the page width. This video explains how to do this:

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Have a good one today!1!

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I still don’t know why it can not apply thru repeating group setting.

When you typed “Netherlands.” It’s just like Field name +s right?

But when other country applied by the same method. It won’t work out…


How did you input Netherland+s?