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How to allow Stripe Subscription to proceed without need for credit card if no immediate payment is needed (Promo/Coupon is applied)

Hi All,
Need some help with Stripe Plugin. I am trying to get on AppSumo to get more users on my platform. I have created a coupon/promo code for 12 months free access.

But when we reach the Payment page, even after implementing the coupon/promo code, Stripe will require credit card payment (Which AppSumo do not allow for their users).

I understand that this might be due to the fact that Stripe wants to capture the credit card information for future subscriptions (after the 12 months of usage), but am I able to disable the need of “Credit card information” collection if no immediate payment is needed? Stripe API says it’s possible, not sure if Stripe Plugin allows

Would love some advice and direction here. thanks!

I’m not familiar with the plugin but the Stripe API for creating a checkout session has a parameter I believe about whether or not payment is required, however it looks like it will still collect CC info

In your situation I would say you have no real need to set things up with Stripe if you are providing a one year free trial and do not want to capture the users CC details. Instead setup in your own app to capture any details necessary for starting a free subscription…

Hi @boston85719,
Thanks for sharing.

Actually, I will still need the Stripe subscription, as not all users will be given the one year access at $50 promo. It’s a promo I am looking to run with AppSumo for $50 for annual access

I will still engage other customers through other acquisition channels

Hope this clarifies~

Someone PM me said it’s possible through API connector, but it’s looking to charge me for it. But I am more keen on trying myself with some guidance and advie.

If you are interested in understanding Stripe API and overall how everything should work with subscriptions you can check out my new course Stripe Integration Course | NoCode Trainer

It is designed to provide all details needed to get up and running and more. The forum post gives more details

It does not cover this exact use case, but you’ll learn more than you would need to know to get it sorted out through the API connector on your own.

BTW my first suggestion was not meant to completely eliminate the need for Stripe Subscription…it was focused on making things setup specifically for AppSumo which as you have explained is different and doesn’t allow for credit card details to be obtained…it is completely possible to have a ‘dual system’ in your application like this.

What is great too is if you have a dual system like this setup and you’ve taken the course, you’ll be all set to notify those users who subscribed through AppSumo to be aware of their subscription expiration and need to sign in and pay for the next subscription year through your Stripe setup.

Got it, will check it out

Ahh understood. Yes, will explore that as well.


I’m having the same issue as you.

I asked Appsumo, they said you’re allowed to set it up manually for users, however, this is still very difficult as you need to update information such as their plan, plan name, date of refresh, etc, which can’t be done automatically if you’re the one setting up the subscription for users.

yeah still working with Appsumo too… they said they might bring in their developers to assist, not sure how true.

I still very new to Bubble especially their stripe plugin. I will need to spend time to check out the tutorial videos that Boston85719 shared.

assuming that following exist over on stripe side …

  • customer
  • price

instead of plugin , review bubble api connector as tool to integrate call/response to stripe api . Examples are in the forum for calling via the connector.

Setup a connector "call stripe subscribe w coupon " allowing vars / parms for customer, price.

make that call, and according to stripe api docs, it should bypass the dialog that requires CC details .

Your post links the correct call on stripe , there are other posts indicating how to transpose the Stripe.curl details into bubble api connector call with the 2 variables / parms for customer and price

stripe docs

use the coupon code for free in the connectors call to stripe.



I really need to spend more time on understand the API connector before trying it out, I am just one month into bubble and my last coding was 18 years ago haha . so will need to spend more time learning the basis of the API connector first.

But love the community here~ :slight_smile:

I am attempting to fully understand the Appsumo transaction process. In your case, if the user has a redemption code they purchased from Appsumo for 12month access (and you get paid from Appsumo), when the user redeems the code, wouldn’t you just provide them access to your app for the next 12 months from the time of their purchase or submission of the code?

If you have a datetype of subscription plans and the user’s plan in bubble, why would anything need to happen with stripe?