Stripe Plugin. How to apply a coupon?


I’m using Bubbles Stripe plugin to sign users up for a subscription.
Right now I’m stuck on applying coupons to the checkout/subscription.

In other posts, I saw people having an “Apply Coupon” checkbox.
This checkbox doesn’t show up for me.

Does anybody have a workaround or a straight solution?
I appreciate any help. Thank you!


I was having this issue and saw it re-appear when I switched from Checkout v3 back to Checkout v2. Perhaps it’s not yet available on v3?

Hey there :wave:

For v3 there is not really a way to use coupons unless they are already on the plan.

After a few back and forth emails with Bubble, I decided to create my own coupon system in Bubble and do it that way. Then I just have a few different subscription prices that I would refer to in Stripe.

It was not the easiest workaround but it did work.

Want to learn more?


Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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Is there any way to add a coupon (user input) while creating a subscription for the user, using stripe.js ?

currently, I’m using stripe.js (1.9.188)

You can definitely do this in Bubble, even if Stripe.js supports it or not. I created my own coupon workflow where it changes the amount charged based on the coupons I have in my database. It was problematic when I was trying to use coupons with Stripe so I just made my own. :blush:That’s the cool thing about Bubble.

Hey again!

Can you explain how to create a coupon workflow?
I’d like to have a User use a coupon tailored to them. :smile:


Sure @nbourdon1 :blush:

I am sure there are a lot of ways to do this, here is just one example. You could create a coupon data type like this:

- code (text)
- expirationDate (Date)
- quantity (Number)
- userList (User)
- chargeAmount (Number)

Then when the user types in the code you can check to see if the user has used it before, if the code has expired, or if the code is even valid or not. You can even display an error if it isn’t valid. If it is a valid, not expired, and the user hasn’t used it yet, then you can trigger the payment based on that coupon’s chargeAmount data.

Does that make sense?

Hope that helps! :blush:


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I can do that! And where you the customer than input the coupon code? So far I just have a button that state “Order Now $XX.xx” to link to the Stripe Payment page.

Are you saying that you are implementing a layer between the button and Stripe to allow Users to apply these coupons?


So you can put it on the same page with the ‘Order Now $’ button and just have it check the coupon code when you click the button. If the input is not empty then do a workflow to check the coupon first. If there is an error you can display the error and clear out the input. If there is no coupon then just trigger the payment workflow like normal. That’s just one way to do it.

Also, you can put a conditional on the button to display the price you will be charging them from the coupon chargeAmount as well. ‘Order Now $chargeAmount’

As an option you can have a different button to validate the coupon first if you prefer. It just depends on your preference.

Hope that makes sense. :blush:

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How did u make it work?

Hey @sanjuujosephh :wave:

Which part? What are you stuck on? Maybe share a screen shot? Let me know. :blush:

Hi there!
Any news on this topic?
Does anyone know when the Stripe plugin will be updated to apply coupons to subscriptions with Checkout v3?
Has someone been able to do it without having to integrate the coupon system to Bubble — which looks pretty time-consuming as we have a lot of different discounts…
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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It says it’s new, but I don’t see it at all on the checkout page. I saw the checkbox for it in Bubble, but didn’t see an input for it on Stripe

Oops, never mind found it.

Yeah, this isn’t a thing. I asked Bubble to add it- not on the top of their list. Maybe we’ll see that on the new Stripe plugin they’re working on?

@johnny Actually, @Boost you are correct! This hasn’t worked for months… I just ran a test in my application, it works beautifully. This is major! The coupons and tax rates were two of the largest gaps in Bubbles Stripe V3 plugin and now it works wonderfully. @Bubble big win here. Thank you for this!,

I’m talking about having this coupon ability:

Ohhh… does the “Add promotion code” field not work? I’m kinda confused now… I thought a promotion code was a coupon… :confused:

It isn’t a thing, Bubble needs to add the code for it, but they haven’t. The way @Boost showed is with the v2 version I believe? With subscription plans? But the one I screenshotted is a thing for singular charges and subscriptions

Ah I see - Well, mine is V3, but it’s for the “Subscribe a user to a plan”. I know for a fact that functionality did not work even a month ago.