Text flickers when hovering over a photo

Flickering issue and very new to bubble/ no code! I’m so sorry if this is a newbie question!

I have set up a group with text that will show up over a photo when that photo is hovered. However, whenever I test and hover, the text and photo flicker. I’ve set it up using this help from another Bubble forum, including the conditional formatting for the group.

I’ve tried everything but can’t get it to work! Any help is appreciated!

Thank you so much!

You should set up your image. Place it in a group. Then put another group to overlap the image and label it ‘group overlay’. Your group overlay should have the background style to flat color and choose white and make it 0% opacity.

Inside of group overlay put your text element and make it not visible on page load and set the color to some light color like white. Put conditionals to make the text element visible when group overlay is hovered.

Then you will set a conditional for when the group overlay is hovered on group overlay to make the background color a dark color with some opacity to darken the image to provide a dark background for the white text.

Then your flickering issue will be gone…and make sure to undo what you currently have before following my instructions.

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You are a lifesaver, thank you!!

If that solved your issue, please mark the reply as the solution so future Bubblers will know this thread has a solution on it as it may help them when scouring the forum for a similar issue.

Got it - will make sure to do that from now on. Thank you again!

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