How to animate FloatingGroup when it is/isn't hovered?

I tried to animate it with HTML element - didn’t work
I tried to animate it in workflows, but it didn’t work as well. There is no choice “is hovered” in Workflows.
If someone knows how to animate a FloatingGroup, please, tell me how. Thank you!

Use my element scoper with this plugin.

I saw your plugin and it looks incredible! But could you tell me exactly which element from your plugin to use to make my FloatingGroup smoothly appears when it’s hovered and disapperas when it isn’t?

You’ll want to use “when this scoper is hovered” as a condition, and then change the height or position as a result.

whatever you choose to do, in the appearance tab, apply a transition speed for that “result” you made for that condition, and it should work the way you want.

if not, then you can look into my other plugin that can do this for you without adding all that fun-stuff (you’ll still have to add a hover condition to trigger it, but less work-around with animation).

I’ll be adding some updates soon depending on demand so I can make the slider function work for you as needed.

Thank you! I’ll try