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Need help with a custom scroll event

Hello Bubble Community,

I hope you are all having a great beginning of the week. I am working my way around implementing something in website and I need guidance as I am still somehow relatively new to bubble. For simplicity I attached below a screenshot that gives an overview of what I am trying to to achieve - I want to find a way as the user scrolls, this icon moves in a specific trajectory/path. Like for instance vertically then moves left, right, up down. And It should be in a specific container (Not the whole page).
I know it can be done by custom events on scroll but I have no idea where to start :confused:

Thanks in advance!

Hey @Ahmedaraby :wave:

Cool idea! Now I’m hooked to see what you’re building! Full disclosure, I haven’t built this sort of thing before, but if I needed to, I would start by checking out the Mouse and Keyboard interactions plugin we offer. It has some interesting actions for repositioning elements on the page through workflows.

You might be able to couple that plugin and it’s workflow actions with having this icon in a floating group or something so it can move dynamically as the user scrolls.

Anyways, best of luck with the build and definitely share an update with what you put together! If any additional questions come up, you’re always welcome to reach out to us directly at [email protected]

Hello Andrew,

Thanks for your prompt response. I started experimenting with the plugin and looks promising. However, I am having some issues making the draggable element in the screenshot The one in red to align and move along with the scrolling position of the user. I have attached a screenshot of the workflow I have set up. I know it’s probably not the right way but an extra POV would be really appreciated.

I intend to make the draggable element move within

the grey group only not outside of it.

Hey @Ahmedaraby - Nice work getting started with this!

I might recommend trying a different dynamic expression there. Essentially, you’re checking if they match, but instead you might be wanting to evaluate it’s current position and somehow adding to it to keep things moving as the user scrolls.

Additionally, you might explore some of the other scroll plugins in the marketplace to see if something exists that might help better pinpoint the user’s scroll point so you can make adjustments to the y position.

Give it a try and don’t hesitate to reach out if we can assist with anything else.

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