How to apply a condition based on last items created date

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I am stuck a bit on a condition I am trying to apply using dates.

Basically I have a repeating group showing a list of clients, each client has a list of events.
What I am trying to achieve is, when a client’s last event was created 12 hours or more ago from current date/time highlight the group red etc.

I have succeeded in applying the conditional state when the last items created date is simply smaller than current date however I cant figure out how to define the 12 hours (last items created date is 12 hours or more ago relative to current date)

Assitance appreciated!

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when: current cell's client's events: sorted by created date: descending yes: first item's created date < current date/time -12 hours

Thanks for the response.

I have tried that but there is no option to (+ Hours) - 12) as there is normally when working with plain numbers


Ah, you’ll need to turn on the experimental feature Parenthesis for it to work that way round…

Alternatively, turn the expression backwards and it should work (i.e. start with current date/time - 12 hours > the event creation date)

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Thanks a mil. reversing the expression did the trick.

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