How to apply a constraint in a search using reusable elements?

Hi all,

I have a page that displays a list of data in a repeating group. The repeating group is not defined on the page itself, but it seats inside a reusable element.
Now i have an input that is on the page, I want to be able to use whatever the user writes in that input as a constraint to filter data out in the repeating group using a constraint (as in “field contains input’s value”). The problem is that, from the reusable element where I write my constraints, I cannot access the input’s value that seats on the page level. Is there a way to pass data from the page to a reusable element to be able to manipulate it inside the reusable element ?

Thanks for your help

Custom state or reusable element’s properties should work for communicating between RE and input outside of the RE.

Thank you !That worked perfectly