How to apply typewriter text effect on multiline editor?

Hello, I have a text generator app and I want it to generate with a typewriter text effect.

I am using a multiline editor to display the texts and thats where I want to see the effect.

I appreciate the help :slight_smile:

I’ve never done it with a multi line but have with single line

I am very new to bubble can you point me on how exactly to use it?


Plugin page

I’d be happy to help you get set up if purchased!

It’s super simple. Apply a div ID to the input and set up your text in a workflow action!

Just bought it
Uploading: image.png…

What do I do next its now installed

Go to my editor and left click the multi line input and copy with workflows into your project.


Usually it’s applying a div ID to the text input and then setting up the single step workflow

hello bud I cant view it because its too low resolution
can you zoom in and screenshot?

hello bud sorry I am very new to this
I am struggling implementing it

i dont know what to do with the initialize input input a

how do I do this exactly bud?

there is no initialize input on my end


Buddy, it’s been 20 minutes the guy’s probably busy. Give him some time to reply to you. The world will not end!

What he is saying (I think) is you need to go here:

Click on the multi-line input with your right mouse button and select “copy with workflows”. Go to your app, then paste.

In settings of your app, you may also need to enable “Expose the option to add an ID attribute to HTML elements” (this is in settings, under general.)

I’m getting my kids ready for school atm. I’ll be back pronto to help out in an hour

oh I mistook this as a direct message thread.

Thanks for help help

no worries bud. I mistook the thread as a DM. Im really new

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hello bud still dont know how to do it

a setup video

thanks bud I’ve manage to get it work

I just had a bug where I can click on the multiline
do you happen to know a work around?

of course if you do only have free time I know this is out of scope

Why wouldn’t you be able to click on the multi line?

Are you referencing the text highlighting? I can make that optional

That loooks dope btw!