How to ask to pay after 3 months

I need that after 3 months from the creation of the account the user is asked to pay for the subscription

Set a subscription date upon signing up and schedule an email to be sent out on that date. You can do much more though.

I believe you should get their card details, validate they are willing to pay and then charge them after 3 months.

If it’s B2C you can send out reminders upfront, for B2B transactions you can get away with a more agressive method of charging them by holding them to a contract.

I typically go for the first one, depending on the churn rate.

Yep +1 for the sign them up at the start but put them on a 90 trial and then determine what sort of reminder program you are going to have.

I would like a banner to appear after 3 months in which he is asked to enter credit card data, I have created a custo event, but when I want to schedule the workflow I cannot find this event in the list

You can enable back end api to create new endpoints. Custom events on the page can not be scheduled.

I do recommend you to have a look at the documentation videos or tutorials from Bubble.

maybe you can create a condition that if “today - user’s signup date >= 90” and “user has not paid” the banner should show up

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