How to assign an incrementing/increasing number to a thing (Data Type)?

Hi all :slight_smile: I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction here. Iā€™m trying out some functionality for my mobile app, and the scenario is as follows: Every time the user clicks on a button, a new thing is created, and will be shown in a repeating group below the button. So far so good. But at the same time I need to assign a number (or a unique ID) to the newly created thing; the button is pressed - thing no.1 is created - button pressed again thing no. 2 is created and so on, and I would like that number to be shown along with the things icon/image in the repeating group.

I tried to add a ;count parameter in the workflows, but then the first thing that are created gets assigned no. 0, the next no. 1 - but thats not working for me. The first thing should be assign number 1.

I hope the explanation was somehow clear.


Just do :count+1

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Thank you @mguerrasio