How to assign Datatype to another Datatype?

If you know the problem, then surely you know the solution, no? (i.e. if your datatypes aren’t linked in the way you need them to be, then link them!).

Or perhaps you’ll need to redesign your database, or create new connecting datatypes…

I’ll be honest, I couldn’t make much sense out of your previous post on this thread (which you’ve now deleted), which could be a sign that you’re making things way more complicated than they need to be - or maybe I just didn’t read it properly…

In any case, if you genuinely can’t achieve what it is you’re trying to do, and neither can any of the freelancers that you’ve hired, then perhaps you’re trying to do something which is outside the scope of Bubble’s capabilities (which I very much doubt). Or (more likely) you’re approaching it in the wrong way.

Sometimes it’s easier to take a step back, and re-evaluate what you’re doing - and maybe re-think the database design you’ve got. It might be easier to start again from scratch (or almost from scratch) with a database structure that matches what you’re trying to do rather than keep struggling with something that isn’t working.

Anyway, I hope you manage to get it working - good luck with it.

Thanks for your reply. I am just way to confused, I need someone to do it for me so I can look and see how it was done. When I fix one thing, another thing doesn’t work. I just wish you did freelancing because I would pay you to fix it. I will post a new topic asking for a freelancer and I will show just one problem so it’s not too complicated for people to understand the issue.

I did, but then editing the invoice didn’t work. I found that creating an invoice must be of type Job, but editing seems to insist it’s type Invoice.

Sorry if I am not being clear, my head is all over the place with this. Perhaps my database is not set up correctly but I would not know because I am not professional yet with Bubble.

I’ve spent the last year building a very complex site and paying a lot of money to freelancers so I don’t want to start from scratch as that would set me back another year.