How to store data without sign the user up?

Hi everybody,

How to store data without signing the user? Let’s say the user comes to the website and chooses a product.
How to store the product in the database and allow the user to browse the site until it completes the purchase?

Does it make sense? Please, explain me step by step? I searched for hours.

Thank you all.

I’m pretty sure you can just do this how you normally would. Anytime someone comes to the site and you want to store data but not sign them up, Bubble creates a temporary user account for them. Thats stored in the cookies for 3 days I believe.

So you can just go ahead and do it like normal and it should work fine.

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Hi @steven.junio91 Thanks for your help but it doesn’t work and I don’t know why?
I also thought I should to normally but I don’t know why it doesn’t work.

Maybe I can find an other way to do it but the user experience will not be good.