How to auto fill the gaps when icon invisible?

I have an unsolved problem, I searched a lot on forums and found no solution.
I have a row of icons, like this :
I set a condition that: when coming to a certain page, the corresponding icon will be hidden . Then will leave a blank space, look very bad, like this:
I don’t know how to make the remaining icons automatically pull together to fill the gaps left by hidden icons. like this :
Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Not that I’ve had this situation but I’m thinking you can make your icons dynamic instead of static.
Both in terms of the icon shown and what happens when you click on them.

If your “tools” icon in location 2 shouldn’t be there you hide the last icon (the team one).
Your number 2 icon then shows the “chart” instead of the tools.
Keep the list of which ones to show in the database somewhere or in a custom state.
I don’t know your setup, but if you use custom states for showing and hiding groups when clicking, you can include the text to set that custom state to in the list of buttons that you hold in the database/state.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for your idea, I think i have a solution based on your idea, I will try to see how it works.

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